The characters are designed to be captivating and proactive in the game, but also recognised outside of the game as an NFT collection thanks to a unique visual style and high rarity.

Here's some of the many characters you will come to know and love:

Meet Mack - he understands the need for sacrifice and never giving up to achieve one's goals, even when the situation seems impossible.

Stoneforge is the ultimate leader and community builder. He has seen what people can achieve when they come together and understands the power of community to get things done.

Mia is an eco-friendly Miner and its not lost on her the damage that can be caused by bad mining practices. She is an environmentalist and works to find solutions/techniques to achieve longterm sustainability.

Ollie is resourceful, intelligent and with her expertise in identifying geological formations and analyzing mineral compositions, she is a valuable asset to any team to locate the most promising mining sites.

Hailing from the Gold Coast of Africa with its rich history of mining, RS brings experience and a deep knowledge of artisanal mining techniques.

Bella’s adventurous spirit, intuition and deep knowledge of mining history and folklore make her a must have in any team.

Mbeki's forward-thinking mindset and passion for technological advancements bring a fresh perspective to any team.

X is the South American procurement king with his business acumen, extensive contacts, and persuasive skills he adds value to a team in the competitive world of mining.

Spark's quick thinking and problem-solving abilities are invaluable to a team's success.

There are many characters to discover in the NuggetRush ecosystem and this is just a flavour of some of them.

More info and details will be released about characters during the promo stage of the roadmap.

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